Hello Minnesota

What lies ahead? Glitz and glamour… also messy buns and rolled up sleeves. They say that this is going to be the best year of my life. I’m so happy, one of those can’t-contain-my-big-grin-so-I’m-jumping-up-and-down happy. But I’m also scared…Well, it’s time we meet each other.

Hello Minnesota,

My name is Zoey Jantsan, I am Miss Minnesota 2017. 



I’m a typical Minnesotan girl who loves the beautiful landscape that surrounds us, enjoys eating tater tot hot dish a little too much, proudly chants “SKOL Vikings” and sometimes blurts out “Our winters aren’t THAT bad”.

I’m writing this post to introduce myself. I hope that I can make a difference this year. I hope that I get to meet you and get to work with you for a cause, volunteer with you to better our communities and our state. In short, I hope I can make you proud. 

So, what lies ahead? “The best year of my life”… Here’s a toast to make this the best year of our lives!

Your friend,

Zoey Jantsan